My favorite authors…

So that you can come up with ideas on who to read next, this page will be dedicated to those authors I enjoy the most. Personally, I think there are enough writers out there to satisfy our needs. Yet, you’ll find here romance suggestions mostly. Any new discovery will be posted in this page, so keep coming back.

  • Nora Roberts: Personally, all of her stories have depth, interesting characters and romance that will leave you smiling until the very last page.
  • Sophie Kinsella: If you have ever wanted to find a book that literally has you laughing out loud, then Kinsella’s stories are just what you need. Her characters always manage to come out of embarrassing situations with wit and laughter. She takes topics that at some point may have happened to us, and turns them into amazing stories.
  • Deborah Harkness: If there was ever a way for you to learn while reading about vampires and romance, then this woman is the one. Not only has she weaved a passionate love story between a human and a vampire, but she gives us a good, simple history lesson along with it. Perfect for cuddling with your favorite blanket, on your favorite couch, with some mellow music to guide you though her story.
  • Meg Cabot: Her stories are the result of having someone who appears and I am sure is a very nice person, combined with what I am sure she possesses: a clever mind that manages to make anything she writes into something funny.
  • Janet Evanovich: Here is a woman who makes her female characters to be strong, inventive and not at all perfect. Though I am way behind in her Stephanie Plum series, I am becoming an avid fan of her Lizzie and Diesel Series.
  • Nicholas Sparks: Now, just be warned that you’ll need a box of tissues when you read any of his books. Though his stories focus not necessarily on the romance aspect solely, it adds the right element to stories that explore family, friendship, and the foundation these two provide to love. His stories may be fiction but at the end, they become a part of your reality.
  • J.D Robb: Nora Roberts writing as J.D Robb has created a whole new genre of futuristic novels that tackle crime in an ever-changing city and the intricacies of a marriage between two characters that are not perfect and will never be.
  • Karen Marie Moning: If you’re looking for a story about faeries with an edge, then she will give you that and more. I must confess I did find the whole series a bit slow sometimes. There were many questions that we would accumulate from book one to book two and so on, but I liked how she structured the final book in the series so everything that happened during the story had a reason for happening. She was able to create to main characters that weren’t either black and white, good or evil but merely characters that adapted to their situations and used whatever they could when they needed it too. There was closure but enough room for the story to continue in the voice and eyes of one of the most energetic characters of the series, Dani O’Malley.

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