I am a woman in my thirties who has set her mind on one goal: become a writer. In the meantime, while dreams and reality decide to reach an agreement, I am also a middle school teacher at an all girls school. I am someone who never really liked being in front of a group and be the center of attention (not that my students all pay attention to me when they should) yet being a teacher not only has given me tons of new ideas for my stories, but it has taught me that I have what it takes to connect with people.

I love romance. In my life, in the stories I write, and in the books I read. As an aspiring writer, I am an avid reader. I love witty stories like Sophie Kinsella’s, contemporary romance like Nora Roberts, paranormal romance, and all the in-between.

Despite my job as a teacher, I still consider myself socially awkward. Meaning that I crave my alone time more, I think, than the average person. Let’s just say, I am the kind of person who always takes a book anywhere I go, just in case I fail to adapt.

So, what you’ll read here is basically all of this and more. My adventures with my husband, and our two adorable, droopy-eyed and long-eared basset hounds, Moira and Lucy.

Enjoy, don’t judge, and be happy.


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