Love Remembers. Chapter 2

She may have escaped Mr. Bennings’s air-depriving hug but Annie certainly didn’t have any other choice as the entire diner broke into a loud and cheery “happy birthday to you” the second she entered the place. It didn’t matter if it was just six in the morning. The diner was filled with all of those […]

Ever After. Chapter 35

A telephone was ringing insistently outside her office. The sounds of cars and conversations drifted through the open window, creating a new rhythm as it mixed up with the music from the Itunes playlist she’d put on her laptop, while proofreading the articles that would come out in their next issue. Her travel column would […]

Ever After. Chapter 33

“Drop the gun, Jim.” Damian crouched from the upper balcony that ran on each side of the walls inside the warehouse. From his position he could see Julia’s body face down on the ground, and Jim’s body with his right hand held straight out with the gun. Even from here, Damian could tell Jim’s hand […]