Whimsical mommy files: When “oh okay turns into oh crap!”

When you get pregnant, the first thing everyone tells you is how much your life is going to change. And although it is something obvious, since there is a new human being joining your family, the whole process of your life changing since the moment you have your baby in your arms can be seen in one of two ways: amusing or horrible!

I decide, most of the times, to choose the former, although there are times when it can be pure hell trying to cope with this thing called motherhood. And traveling with a baby is no different. Ever since my son was born nine months ago, we have taken a couple of trips that have been both fun, interesting and downright a living nightmare, especially when poop and a plane full of people is involved.

However, this post relates to our latest trip with our son to the beach. So let’s begin. There is one question feared especially by moms, because even though we ask it, we know the answer and it is never a good one. And the question is “Did you bring…….(insert something that you really had to have during your trip). When you start your trip asking that question, you know there will be a couple of things you’re gonna have to run to the closest store and buy. My question was: “Did you prepare the bottles we are going to use on the plane in case he gets fussy?” There is always a blank look that follows and the feared answer: “no, I thought you did.” Or “You didn’t tell me to do it.” Before my yoga days, I probably would’ve had a meltdown and ruined the beginning of our trip. However, I took a deep breath, yelled at my husband in the comfort of my mind, and simply let out a breath and said “Okay…..”

Needless to say, I had previously packed a new can of formula in my suitcase so it was just a matter of opening it and filling up the bottles I also remembered to pack in my diaper bag and just get a bottle of water.

Now, I live in Mexico so I know that when I travel to the U.S I have to take everything even up my last medical check-up because that’s how it is for us to get through immigration. Anyway, when traveling inside Mexico, you only have to have a valid I.D and that’s all. So there we were, entering the airport, waving goodbye to my father in law who gave us a lift, when I decided to ask this very funny question: “Do you think we need something for the baby to pass through security?” My husband immediately answered: “Yes, I suppose.” And after my very long panicked pause, he turned to look at me and he asked the now infamous question: “Did you bring some I.D for the baby?”

Now, apart from the birth certificate, which is not something I carry around in my bag, and the passport which was at the Mexican immigration office being renewed (oh yes, because apparently when you have a baby his or her passport must not expire within six months or less from the date you want to travel……) I had absolutely nothing but the love of my heart to say that this baby was my son. Of course, I saw myself showing the airport security guy the thousands of photos I have taken of Matias since his birth. And then, looking inside the diaper bag, almost as if the birth certificate was going to appear by magic between the diapers, I found his vaccination certificate. Unfortunately, said certificate was empty but for the signatures and stamps from the hospital from the shots that Matias’s has taken up until now.  So we filled it up while we were in line and hoped of the best.

Apparently, you don’t need anything when you travel on a domestic flight, which worked on our favor but which got me thinking how easy it is for someone to travel with a stolen baby…..

So we finally were on the plane, a rather bumpy ride but good all in all and short, thank God. We landed in Cancun and went to collect our bags. Then, after almost everyone from our flight had gone with their bags, I knew my bag had not arrived. Now, this was not the first time this happened to me, but usually, you get over your annoyance and just say “oh, okay” and just wait for the bag to arrive. However, when you have a baby and you are the one who packed the baby’s food and clothes, instead of saying okay, you just mutter under your breath “oh crap.” Especially when you hotel is in the middle of nowhere, and it is not that easy to go and buy what you need. And if the hotel has a store or something, you end up paying a lot! Not to mention we had a wedding and my dress was in there.

The nice man on the baggage claim counter promised us my bag would arrive that same night on a later flight and would be sent to the hotel. The night passed, and nothing came to the hotel. The next day when I called the airport, they were like “we don’t have any bag with that description” which to me translated to “we have no freaking clue as to where your bag is.” Fortunately, my bag turned up at the end, I spent 80 dollars getting my hair done which went kaput the second I stepped into the hot warm air, and spent even more buying a bathing suit for the baby, for me and sunblock, which I also had in my lost bag.

Certainly, the second you have a baby your life will never be the same but as long as you try to see each experience as an adventure……ish type of situation, it will all go down a lot easier.

Until next time…


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