Whimsical mommy files: half way there…..


The half-year mark.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the many youtube posts a group of moms called “whatsupmoms” like to share with us first time moms or second or third time moms, but they are hilarious. They certainly express either through a music parody or some other fun video, the truth about being a mom. From being sleep deprived, to having almost none time at all for you, or expressing just what us moms really want for mother’s day: alone time.

And even if I wonder how do they have time to do all of that and make care of their kids, I am grateful for each funny video for it has made me take this whole motherhood thing seriously but not to the point of stressing out over every little thing that can go wrong, might go wrong or will definitely go wrong at some point. (Of course, when figuring out this whole mom thing, one out of ten decisions you make during the day tends to not go wrong.)

My experience for the past six months has been a mixture of good, bad and everything in between. Then again, such is life in general. But my son makes it all worth it. Still, for someone who hates constant change, these past six months have been a challenge of trying to stay calm and just take on what comes with as much calm and serenity as only four or five hours of sleep can give any person.

I will be celebrating my first mother’s day ever as a mom in a week and it feels weird, if I’m being honest. I guess I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact I am a mom. I guess it’s kind of a self-defense mechanism so that I am not constantly haunted by the fact that everything I do from now on is going to influence in a way the man my son will one day become. Or that I start to second-guess everything I do because someone else did this or that different for their kids. Being a mom is a touch and go job, you do, you wait for the results and if it doesn’t end up in tears both yours and your baby’s, then maybe you are on the right track.

Each day that passes, my baby is less a baby and more a little boy, with a personality as strong and passionate as his momma’s but with that easygoing charisma of his father. I am sure the best, the worst and the in-between is yet to come, and enough laughter to go around.


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