Ever After. Chapter 27

Damian didn’t wait for an invitation and just moved past Julia into her room.

“I was on my way to find you and ask you what the hell were you thinking taking off like that on your own, when I noticed that neither you nor Lucas were in your respective beds.”

He saw her flinch as she must’ve thought about her careless decision to take off, with all that was going on. Her next words confirmed it.

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“Until we know whose behind all this, you can’t just wander on your own Julia.”

“Look, I’m not going to be scared out of doing my life, but I agree I could’ve let someone know where I was. So you were looking for me?” She reminded him.

“Yes. Since I couldn’t find neither of you, I went downstairs. That’s when I heard your voice coming from the study and I realized you were telling him a story. I decided to wait until you were finished. I arrived just when the warrior arrives to save his Princess.”

Damian put his arms around her and thought back to what he’d felt when he saw his son, comfortably lying on Julia’s lap, and her ease as she hadn’t realized she was stroking his son’s head while her eyes were faraway with the warrior and the Princess. It had tugged something in his heart.

Still he asked her. “Why did you take off?”

Julia didn’t break free from his embrace and lifted her head to stare into his eyes. Though it was dark, he could see a bit of shame in them, which was rapidly being overpowered by the same fire he felt running through his veins.

“I freaked out.”

“You were freaked out by a ten year old?”

This time she did break their contact and began to pace around her darkened room. “Yes. No. I just didn’t know what he was going to think of me. And……..and….”

“And what?”

Julia let out a troubled breath and turned around to face him. “And because I’d sort of been avoiding thinking about you having a son, because doing that brought back some of the pain I felt when I found out about you and Sophia.”

He was grateful for her honesty, but apprehensive. What if this would always be an issue for her? What if Lucas would always remind Julia of how he’d slept with another woman?

“But now I understand that if I think of Lucas that way, then I’d be dooming myself to living in the past. I don’t want that. Your son is an amazing little boy and I’m sure your life wouldn’t be the same, you wouldn’t be the man you are today if you hadn’t had Lucas. And I want the man you are today.”

Julia closed the distance between them. He used his finger to lift her chin and brush his lips against hers. She closed her eyes and circled her arms around his waist. When the kiss was over, she rested her head on his chest.

“He likes you, you know.”

“I like him, too.”

Damian leaned his head and felt her tremble when his mouth began a slow, seductive journey down the side of her neck. Her eyelids fluttered and she moved her hands up his arms and around his neck. Damian started tugging at her shirt and that’s when her hands sprawled on his chest, urging him to stop.

“Damian, wait, what are you doing?”

He crooked his mouth into a knowing grin.

“I am doing the second thing I was planning on doing after I made sure you knew you had me worried sick before. I called your phone and no answer. I called Sonia and she told me you were giving her a hand.”

“Oh, so you knew where I was?


“I didn’t know where I was going until I was standing outside the restaurant. Of course now, I have been sworn to help her until the party on Wednesday.”

The town’s celebration was always the third Wednesday of August. Though some had advocated over the years to move it to a Saturday, others believed it would only bring more chaos and so far, tourists swamped the town each year despite the party being on a weekday.

His hands reached out for her again, and Damian felt her hesitation.

“Julia, it’s fine. If you don’t want us to spend the night together, it’s okay.” He said, wary that they had lost the easiness of this morning.

Her teeth chewed her lower lip and she sighed. “It’s not that.”


“It’s Lucas. It is his first night in a strange house. What if he wakes up again?”

“Trust me, he won’t. He was out.”

Damian passed his fingers through her hair and watched with pleasure how Julia’s pupils dilated and her tensed up body loosened.

“But…” He shut her with a testing kiss, his mouth barely touching her soft lips. Betrayed by need, she brought his face down to hers and intensified the kiss. He was about to drag her to her bed when she groaned and interrupted their actions again.

“But what if he wakes up in the morning and doesn’t find you in your room?”

“We could always go back to my room, Julia.” He panted.

“But then he would probably freak out if he sees his dad with the story lady naked in bed. Believe me, as much as we’ve begun to get to know each other, I don’t think we should push it. I want to spend the night with you Damian, but right now there are other priorities we need to focus on. And Lucas is one of them.”

Damian stood just staring at her for a very long time. Julia’s face was anxious, her eyes looking everywhere but directly at him. When they finally landed on him, he said. “God, you’re unbelievable.”

The puzzlement made lines form on her forehead.

“Unbelievable as in, Jesus Julia you’re nuts and of course I wasn’t going to spend the night with you or….”

“Unbelievable as in what the dictionary also says, extraordinary, you’re an extraordinary woman.”

“Oh…” She blushed.

“But you’re right about Lucas. Tell you what. I’ll stay the night here and I’ll sneak out early so if Lucas wakes up he’ll find me. Though trust me, that kid doesn’t wake before eight, so we’ll be fine.”

God she wanted him. She’d been craving his touch ever since their afternoon at the lake. She’d feared he would go ballistic the second they saw each other again, after her senseless escapade. Despite it all, she’d been jittery with need the second she’d stepped back into the house.

It was all the reassurance she needed for she resumed their touching, only more fervent and urgent. This time when Damian tugged at her t-shirt she only lifted her arms. Afterwards, her hands moved fast as they pulled over the Polo shirt he’d put on after his shower. Damian groaned when nothing but tanned skin greeted his eyes and he bent his head to savor it. She tasted of soap and summer, there was a wilderness to it, he wanted more. Her hands roamed his chest and went lower until they began to fumble with his Docker’s shorts.

Fortunately, he’d come prepared so he simply finished undressing her, until nothing but the most beautiful creature stood with long chocolate waves caressing her back. Her eyes shot at him the same need he needed to quench with every sense.

Touch. Her skin glowed and was warm under his hands, under his body. It was soft and pliant, ready for his exploration while his own craved the taunting caresses of her fingers and mouth.

Taste. His mouth ran the length of her body. She arched to meet his every silent demand and he gave her the release she sought. His own arousal was like a dragon breading fire into a hearth.

Listen. He wanted to hear her say his name in despair, in want. He wanted to hear her surrender to the avalanche of passion he planned on setting free inside their bodies.

See. He wanted to see her eyes cloud with insanity. He needed to see reflected in them what he knew he’d never stopped feeling for her, love.

They never made it to the bed. Her legs wrapped around his waist and Damian just moved to the wall where he supported her back while he fussed his body with hers. They moved fast, until everything in Damian’s line of sight was filled with a bright light and as he’d wanted, Julia said his name. The sweetness and honesty in her words enough to make him go lax inside.

“God, Julia. Don’t let go.”

“I won’t.”

Her promise lingered in the air around them, until it settled alongside their agitated breathing and heartbeats. When he was strong enough, he carried her to the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and stayed like that until the first rays of daylight poured into her room and he left.


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