Ever After. Chapter 21

Look at her. Dancing, having fun, laughing. The bitch. After what she’s done, she still has the nerve to act like everything is right in the world. And now there was Damian. God, he had sincerely hoped he would stay out of the way. He certainly had nicked his plan the day of the scorpion attack. If he hadn’t come home, dear Julia would be now where she belonged.

But it wasn’t a problem. In fact, he would use the owner of the house’s restored relationship with the whore to play with her mind a while longer. Before he acted the most terrifying scene she had ever written in her life.

Oh, how he’d enjoyed scaring her that day on the road. He could’ve run her over that day, but he knew she deserved a more painful ending, hence the scorpions. People did anything for money, especially in this town. And the scorpions had been easy to come by.

He wondered if she’d gotten his letter? He sent it to New York, because he had planned on doing this over there. Had someone made sure it was sent to her here? It wasn’t important. In the end, no one would be able to trace the letter back to him.

He took a couple more shots with the phone that had so conveniently been left lying around, adding a bonus to his plan for tonight. He felt a sudden spurt of fury that every one of these damned fools, even the ones sitting next to him were acting like idiots, drinking, dancing, unaware that an injustice had been perpetrated. And all having a good time at the former house of the man who’d been responsible for it all.

“We should go.” The woman said, and he couldn’t agree more, making sure he left the phone were he’d seen it, and putting his own camera away inside his trousers’ pocket.

“Yes, let’s go.” As he grabbed the woman’s hand, he turned back one last time, and saw Julia hadn’t moved from her spot overlooking the town below. He willed her to look over his way, and when she did, he waved and saw her do the same, without a clue of what was going to happen to her.


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