What I’ve been up to…..because I know you were really wondering…

So for those kind people who like to read the stories I post here on my blog, you may have noticed an absence of posts and new stories. Let’s just say I’ve been a bit busy getting used to this whole pregnancy thing which contrary to what other women have shared with me, I am thrilled.

Yes, thrilled. Okay, so maybe the fact I have like only three pairs of pregnancy pants so I feel like I really have nothing to wear! (Because maternity clothes are so expensive and let’s face it, you wear them only for a few months if you’re lucky enough to fit into your regular clothes until the fifth month.)

Or maybe before if I overindulged in some wasteful calories I could get rid of them easier than now, that one costco chocolate muffin makes my doctor go crazy because I am putting on more weight than is intended during this phase of pregnancy, that is not so great.

Or many other pregnancy symptoms that not everyone talks about that may make your daily life a little bit harder than before. Still, like I said, I am super excited!

However, now that due date is getting closer and closer, the nerves and the freaking out have begun! Still, I can’t wait to meet my baby boy and just figure out this whole mom thing along the way. That I think has been the hardest part for me, since I’m kind of a control freak and with babies, especially your first one, careful planning and controlling every single details goes flying out the window the second your baby starts crying and you have no idea why.

And I have tried to steer clear of the people who basically announce that life as you know it will be over and not ion a good way. They make it sound like so dark and depressing that I’ve been tempted to ask them: “Then why the hell did you get pregnant?” And maybe the reason I’ve enjoyed even the downsides of pregnancy is that I’ve stayed away from women who liked to give me a list of all the bad things that pregnancy brought into their lives. I swear, is like they enjoyed telling me I would have stretch marks forever and ever, that I might have back problems, that my body will never look the same, that they miss when they were young and thin and able to party until 5am, etc.

And I know they mean well (sort of), but like anything that means a change in your life, no matter how much you want it, it has to come with adjustments that might seem good or bad. Life has to change, one way or the other. I feel lucky I was able to chose this specific change and that I have the support of my husband to enjoy the good and endure the not so good of becoming a parent.

Anyway, I’m back to posting a new story, one I wrote like two years ago, which I enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy reading.



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