Hadn’t Met You Yet. Chapter 17

With a thud, Olivia dropped her bag on her house’s floor and kicked the door shut behind her.

“Watch it!” Emilia made a dash for it before having to cross through the shut door.

“Sorry. I’m going to take a bath, I’m tired from driving.”

“Be my guest.”

Emilia took a peak through the window at Noah’s car parked outside the house. After Olivia had calmed down last night, she’d finally fallen asleep. It had given Emilia a chance to roam through her childhood room, looking at the many pictures pinned down on the big board that was nailed above her bed. Amazingly so, she was happy in every one of them. Emilia reflected back on her own life and realized that she’d, too, always been happy, she’d just started to feel miserable ever since Sam said marriage was out of the question for now. The problem was she didn’t know if she had been unhappy because he hadn’t been more excited or if because deep down, she knew it would’ve been the wrong decision.

No, he didn’t want me, period.

The very next morning, after a very awkward breakfast, where both Olivia’s parents sent each other looks of alarm at the invisible wall built overnight between Noah and their daughter, they bid them goodbye as Olivia mumbled something about dropping off Noah at the airport in Baltimore.

The ride there was excruciatingly quiet, Emilia swore they could hear her breathing.

During the entire ride, Noah had tried to make Olivia speak to him which after a while he succeeded. And even though Emilia was sure that OIivia’s overly sweet yes and no responses for every question her boyfriend asked were as real as Santa Claus, it was painfully clear to her gray blue eyes that Olivia wanted nothing more than to drop him off and head back home. In the end, they sort of kissed goodbye at the security check point before Noah crossed the metal detectors and disappeared from view.

Ten minutes later, as they were finding their way out from the parking lot, a call from Noah had come through. Putting her Iphone on speaker, both Emilia and Olivia heard as Noah promised he would do everything he could to come to the wedding. That had seemed to cheer her friend’s mood considerably. Still, Olivia had gone up to her room with slumped shoulders and her hopes as dim as before.

An hour later, Olivia was curled up on the basement’s coach, a hand-me-down from her parents, going through some school papers, while Emilia watched her Tivo’d episodes from True Blood and Drop Dead Diva.

“At least I’m still here in my own body.” To make a point, she grabbed her hair and ran her hands over her body.


“Oh just give them all an A. I mean, it’s your last evening of the long weekend. Take advantage of it. And marvel at the sight of vampire Bill’s yummy ass.”

“You’re unbelievable. Were you this horny all your life?”

“Probably, only that I had an outlet with whom to set my horniness free.”

“Your own personal vibrator?”

“Ha, ha, very funny.”

Hurrying through the last papers, she put all of her school work inside her bag and went upstairs to leave it next to the coat closet for tomorrow. She put a bag of popcorn and in her brand new Victoria’s Secret Pink sweats, she was almost downstairs when her doorbell rang.

“Expecting anyone?” Emilia didn’t remove her glance from the scene unfolding on the screen before her.

“No. Are you?”

“I’m ignoring your rude comment. But guess what? You still have to go and see who it is.”

Emilia reminded her when the doorbell rang almost urgently, for a second time.

“You’ll have to repeat the scene with Stephen Moyer’s ass again.”

Since Olivia wasn’t a T.V. junkie as Emilia had been while alive, she lifted her brows in astonishment that she knew the name of the actor that played vampire Bill.

“You should be ashamed of yourself Olivia Beckett.”

Olivia shrugged and turned back around, not before showing a glint of amusement in her eyes.

She reached the kitchen and crossed the dinning room to get to the door. She was expecting any of her neighbors, even Tracy coming today instead of tomorrow to drop her car off. But she felt all the air rush out from her lungs when the face who greeted her at the other side of the door was the same one she had seen at a much closer distance a few days ago. It belonged to the man who had once again come to her dreams last night in a much more x-rated version of their passionate moment from Wednesday night.

“Michael.” She said in a breathless tone.

In a flash, Emilia was hovering next to Olivia. She’d sensed him the minute Olivia had reached for the doorknob, before hearing she whispered his name.

“Hi, Olivia.”

“What, what……..why are you here?”

No matter how much space he had taken on her mind and body, Olivia had been expecting to never see Michael again. At least until the whole kissing thing was forgotten.

“I needed to ask you something.”

“Ask me…….what are you talking about? Didn’t I make myself clear the other day?”

“Not quite, to tell you the truth. Tell me, this guy you’re with right now?”


It was the first time she mentioned his name to Michael. It caused her heart to do a small summersault when she saw the flashing spark of jealousy pass though his rich honey green eyes.

“Noah? Did he come with an ark too?”

“Good one, handsome.” Emilia said from behind.

“Cut it out.”

Both of you.

She used the half open door as a shield. Olivia let out an impatient sigh.

“What do you want?”

“Answer me this. You and Noah, are you about to get married?”


Who does he think he is? That’s none of his business!

“Just answer. I feel this is about to get more interesting than our friend’s rear end downstairs.”

“No, but……”

Michael pressed his finger to her mouth. Her lips tingled under his touch. Automatically, she took a step backwards, a gesture which only made him tug his lips to the sides, giving her another view of those sexy dimples on his cheeks.


“I don’t think I have to give you that information. It’s private.”

“Oh for crying out loud, tell him the truth.”

“Please, I need to know.”

“Okay, fine. No, I’m not engaged nor anywhere near it. Happy?”

“Oh, Olivia you have no idea.” This time the kiss was fast and totally mind boggling. Despite it being quick, her legs began to wobble beneath her.

Oh not again!

“Not again what?” Emilia asked absentmindedly, while part of her longed to be kissed that way. Then, like a jolt of energy, she realized what Olivia had just revealed.

“Oh my God! He kissed you the other day, didn’t he? I knew something had had to have happened for you to be acting all strange.”

“Michael!” Olivia managed to say in between gasps when she pushed him away.

“Now that I know how things are, I can say what I came here to tell you. I’m not backing off. Until this guy puts a ring on your finger and you say I do. I’m going to fight for you. I’m not giving up on what I know we could have if we just give it a chance, Olivia.”

Twirling a lose strand of hair with his fingers, Michael stared deep into Olivia’s stunned dark brown eyes before turning around and heading back for his car.

She was still gasping for air when he drove his Ford Explorer away.

“Forget naked men on the T.V., tell me all about it.”

In a confused, shocked and excited daze, Olivia shut the door and dragged her feet back to the basement, and mentally prepared herself to endure a long night of not so subtle questioning by her transparent friend.


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