Book review: “The Language of Flowers.” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

“The Language of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh is a story whose main character uses something other than words to connect to people. I guess some of us do. Especially when our social skills are lacking and as a way to compensate and be part of society’s main rule which is to socialize, we adapt and use other means to do so.

In this story, the main character Victoria, has been in the foster care system all of her life, and when she finally turns eighteen, she is out. She is given one chance to find a job, do it all right, and she does, it just takes her longer than others to do so. As we read on Victoria’s story, we catch a glimpse into her past and into the one moment in her life that will haunt her forever, and which could’ve represented her one shot to being a part of something. To being loved.

As Victoria finds a job in a flower shop, she puts to use the only language in which she feels comfortable communicating, which is the language of flowers. Each flower has a different meaning and by using her talent, Victoria discovers she is able to help people even if she knows she could never help herself. She meets a boy who uses her same language and who helps her see she can tolerate someone else, even if she knows that everything for her, the people in her life, will always be temporary. At least until she screws up and pushes them away for good. 

Victoria’s journey throughout the story is endearing and appreciated, and even if you question her decisions and her reactions to life’s problems, you can’t help but understand why she is how she is.

This book is a book that tells you it is never too late to sit down and reassess the decisions you’ve taken, and the direction your life has taken. Victoria is faced with challenges the second she turns eighteen, and how she handles them, even if the way confuses you as a reader, is true to how the author portrays her throughout the entire story. This is a story about accepting who you are, about forgiveness and about giving love a chance, even when you think you don’t deserve it.

Highly recommended.


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