Short Story. Chapter 19.

“How the hell are we supposed to get inside?” Kyle whispered from the hiding position they held, watching the three guards with guns as they patrolled the front entrance.

“There’s a backdoor that’s never guarded.”

“Yeah, but first we have to get through them.”

Owen studied the situation before them and felt really glad Kyle was his partner on this mission. Just like old times.

“I’d say we make a run for it.”

Kyle knew what Owen meant, having done stake outs like this in the past. He knew Owen would go in front, giving Kyle enough of a cover before he took down two of the guards, while his former partner took care of the third.

“We’ll have ten seconds before the shots alert the others inside.”

They were about to move, when a black Escalade pulled right next to them. Fortunately, the thickness of the bushes kept them hidden.

“That’s him.”

“The Shadow.” Kyle stated.

Owen nodded.

He knew Jackson and his strike team were minutes away, but his priority was to get Rory. Still, he took out his phone and texted.

“Package has arrived.”

He put the phone away and saw the parade of guards, as a tall, dark-haired man stepped out from the car.

They all looked Eastern European, but The Shadow looked more groomed, less like a thug and more like a business man. Something inside Owen burned with outrage, and he hoped that Captain Jackson would bring down this whole operation. The temptation to shoot The Shadow from his hideout was too strong to ignore. Kyle felt the tension rising and grabbed Owen’s wrist as if had started to rise.

“You know they’ll kill her before you can get in a second bullet.”

His former partner accepted his logic, but also greeted what Kyle had not said but which he had implied. They might not be able to kill him now, but as soon as Rory was safe, nothing said they couldn’t.

Crouched in the shadows, both detectives waited until the newly arrived entered Alexander’s mansion. The three guards retook their positions and Owen gave the signal.

Kyle fired two shots, taking down two of the guards, while Owen sneaked up on the third one and broke his neck. There was a savageness to his expression, they way he barely glanced at the dead man at his feet that made Kyle realize just what had his friend been through for these past two years.

“Run.” Owen whispered and the two men went around the house. It took less for Alexander’s men to come outside, but Owen and Kyle were already sneaking inside, coming into a dark room which smelled of humidity and oil.

“Alexander’s basement.” Owen whispered. He used his hands to signal Kyle ahead, as he covered his flank.

They came to a door Owen knew would lead them to the laundry room, which had a convenient access to the upper rooms. As Kyle stepped out, they heard the sound of angry Russian voices outside, and the sound of running feet as more men began to search the ground for the intruders.

Luckily for him, that third guard hadn’t seen him, so his presence was still hidden. Alexander must have been told that he was dead. It bought Owen more time, and hopefully, Rory, too.

Damn it, Ror, if anything happens to you I don’t think I can make it.

He ordered his mind to focus, as they took the hidden staircase up to the higher floors. As they peeked into the open door, Owen caught sight of one of Nathan’s men, a gun on his hand, heading to the end of the hallway where they kept Alexander’s girls.

Bile rose up his throat, as he knew he was going to kill them. Eliminate all witnesses.

“We need to split.” He said to Kyle.

Before his ex partner could refuse, Owen added.

“He’ll kill them if we don’t stop him. Rory has to be in one of the upper rooms. The other girls are in the rest. They know someone’s breached security. They’ll kill them all then extract the Shadow to safety. We have to give Jackson more time.”

Kyle looked hesitant, then nodded as Owen outlined a strategy.



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