Short Story. Chapter 18

Rory woke up, disoriented. When she tried to move, she found her hands were tied above her head. She tried to move her legs but they were also tied up. Uselessly, she tried to move, but the tight restraints only cut her skin.

From somewhere far away, Rory heard someone moaning, or was it crying? She closed her eyes, tried to concentrate on her surroundings, and realized it was both. Someone was crying and someone was moaning. Both sounds chilled her blood, and had her moving restlessly against her restraints.

Think, Rory. Think.

What could she do?

She remembered one time when Owen had sat down with her at their living room, and had given her an extensive lecture on what to do if…….

‘If someone kidnaps you, babe….’

‘Don’t be ridiculous, we live in Virginia, not Afghanistan.’

Please, Ror. Take this seriously

She pressed her lips together, then adopted her serious face, the one she used with her students, and nodded for him to continue.

‘You have to remain calm. Pay attention to your surroundings. Listen to what’s around you and most important, if you see a chance to escape, take it, Ror.’

‘And if I can’t escape?’ She asked.

Owen grew serious and he leaned his forehead against hers.

‘Then you bet your ass I’ll get you out of there.’

Okay, so pay attention to her surroundings.

It was dark, but she could see there was a window next to the bed. There was a dresser right in front of her, and right next to it, a door. Maybe a bathroom or a closet. She took stock of the bed, and noticed the elegant framework at her feet. Actually, apart from the restraints, the bed was quite comfortable for being used for a kidnapping.

Where was she?

The sound of angry conversation outside the room had her heart rate spiking, but remembering Owen’s words, she tried to remain calm.

The door opened and the room was suddenly filled with light. Nathan, the man who had taken her, stepped in, followed by another man who looked far from pleased. He was tall, blond, and spoke with an accent.

“Damn it Nathan, what the hell?”

Alexander stared at the gagged woman on the bed of one of his guest rooms. Her wrists and ankles tied. Though he had to acknowledge she was something else, the last thing he needed was a complication right before The Shadow was meant to arrive.

After hearing Nathan’s recount of the events that had led to Patrick’s dead, Alexander had considered canceling the Shadow’s visit. But he knew he would see it as a failure from Alexander, and he was smarter than to get on the Shadow’s bad side. Besides, if the traitor was dead, then why should he let that fact complicate things for them?

When Nathan had come in, he had asked Alexander to follow him. The Russian had known he was not going to like whatever Nathan wanted to show him. But given his grave mistake in trusting Patrick, he would be a fool to alienate Nathan now. If he needed a scapegoat, the man standing next to him was the perfect candidate.

“We don’t have to sell her. I think we could enjoy her, for a while.”

Rory’s stomach churned and she felt like kicking and screaming. However, she remained still, watching both men.

“We can’t do this now. He’s almost here.”

“I doubt she’ll go anywhere.”

“For your sake, she mustn’t.”

Then, the tall blond man stepped out. Nathan walked to the side of the bed and leaned over Rory’s body. She forgot all about being calm and started to move away from him. His hand took her chin and made her look at him. There was such evil in those eyes, that Rory’s hopes of making it out of this alive left her in a rush.

“Let me give you a preview of the fun we’ll have.”

He licked her with his tongue, and used his hands to grab her breasts, then travel lower. Rory’s eyes filled with tears, before nausea made her head reel.

When he was done tormenting her and hurting her, he gave her another nauseous kiss.

“See you later, sugar.”

When he left, she closed her eyes, as more tears gathered, and thought of Owen.



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