Short Story. Chapter 17

“Everything set?”

Owen asked as he suited up for the operation, while the rest of the team did the same. Captain Jackson conferred with the FBI agent who had been Owen’s contact all through his ordeal.

He was strapping his ankle gun, apart from his official piece, when the door to the squad room burst open and Kyle came in a furious gleam in his eye, which landed on Owen before he launched at him.

Owen was so surprised by his friend’s actions that he didn’t even have time to block the fist that landed on his jaw. Kyle attempted to connect his other fist into Owen’s stomach, before Captain Jackson and some other members of the team broke them apart.

“Damn it, Kyle, what the hell is wrong?” Captain Jackson held Kyle in a firm grip, his hands behind his back.


“Give it a rest, Kyle. I know you think using Rory today was wrong, but it’s done. If this is about something else, then I suggest you let it go for now. If you can’t keep a level head, then you should sit this one down.”

“What is going on, Kyle?” Captain Jackson asked again, as his instinct told him this was more than a broken partnership.

“It was a mistake, Owen. Because now Rory is gone and I have a pretty good idea who tool her. He found her anyway and now that he knows you’re a cop……” Kyle realized there was no use in saying what would happen to Rory out loud. The horrific outcome was spread all over the now pale face of his former partner. He looked like someone had shot him again.

“Son of a bitch.” Captain Jackson muttered, letting go of Kyle who rubbed at his wrists while they all waited for Owen to do something. He staggered back, disoriented, before that lost look was replaced with murder and revenge. He shrugged off whoever tried to reach out for him,  strapped his gun and jacket, and attempted to leave the room.

“Owen, stop.”

“He has Rory. That sick bastard has Rory. Kyle is right. Now that he knows I’m a cop he won’t hesitate and use her against me. He’s going to kill her.” It was all he could do no to let fear choke him, or pound the walls with his naked fists until the frustration of what he had done to her wore off enough for his mind to settle and think clearly. Because even if Nathan was involved, it had been Owen and his plan who had written Rory’s dead sentence.

“Don’t you dare do something stupid, son. We can’t risk the operation.”

That had Owen whirling back, a murderous gleam inside his eyes, which made even his Captain take a step back.

“To hell with your operation. I have already given two years of my life for this. I gave her up for this, so she could be safe. Now, she’s in danger, and all because of me. I am going to find her and I am going to kill him.”

“You don’t even know where he’s got her.”

“Does this help?.” Kyle showed him what Rory had left behind. Some of the betrayal he felt toward Owen thawed as he could all but felt his friend’s agony as he too knew Rory was in grave danger.

“Hers?” The Captain asked as his detective took the bloodied piece of clothing.

“No, mine. From…..” Owen swallowed the fear that threatened to choke him. “From yesterday, when Nathan……….”

“What?” Kyle asked.

He shook his head and headed for the door.

“I know where they are.” Before reaching it, he said over his shoulder.

“Tell your men it’s time. I’m out. I’m going in for Rory. From now on, you’re on your own.”

Owen was almost outside the door, before Kyle said.

“I’m coming with you.”

He nodded as Owen’s eyes registered his words, then he too gave his friend a brief nod and the two cops left.

“Sure you know where she is?” Kyle asked as he got on the passenger side, taking out his gun and checking it.

Owen paused before he said, gravely.

“I have to be, for her sake.”



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