Now we’re here……now we’re not

Imagine getting married after ten years and two kids? How does pre-wedding day protocol work in this case? Does the bride take one kid and go sleep in a different room, while the groom does the same? What about the honeymoon? Is it really a honeymoon or more of a family vacation? And I really don’t need to ask about the wedding night!

However it is this couple managed these simple details, all I can say is that yesterday’s wedding was a blast and like all mexican weddings, it had laughter, music, tequila, great food and of course, that awkward wedding guest who no one really knows whose side he is from, and who has had one too many tequilas and who thinks he is the life of the party.

Although the wedding day looked like it was going to be a rainy one, in the end that didn’t matter when we all had to do our things when Gloria Estefan’s, Weppa or Wepa blared from the speakers. Thankfully, summer here in Guadalajara is really summer, warm and comfortable, so the fact that I had to be barefoot for some portion of the party stepping on the wet grass didn’t cause any discomfort and hopefully, it won’t give me the case of the sniffles and red nose later in the week. (It must not because I am going to the U.S Open on Thursday).

Both bride and gloom- sorry I meant groom ha- were glowing, enjoying their day with their two little ones, and with their family and friends. And even if getting to where the wedding reception took place was a complete adventure, as we are certain now that Brazil isn’t the only place in the world that has favelas, once we were there, it was all a matter of time before we started to have fun.

I hadn’t been more grateful for GPS that I felt last night, when that mechanic female voice led us through some pretty abandoned streets, which were only missing the trash cans on fire and dogs and cats running away in fear. Or Michael Jackson back from the death singing and dancing “no one really cares about us”. In the end, she took us to safety. I was tempted to aski siri where the hell we were, but I was afraid her reply would be “In the exact place where you put me away please.”

I would like to wish many more happy years to the newlyweds, and as I’ll be seeing most of them today again for the post-wedding brunch, my only question is: “will drunk guy be coming too? If he is I should better hide all the tequila!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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