Sweet magical reading with “The Girl Who Chased the Moon.”

As I like to do, here is another book recommendation that will sweeten your life through the flowing pages of a book that tells a story full of love, magic and wonder.

Whenever we read a story about supernatural stuff, we know that whatever that book is describing can’t really happen as much as we wish Edward Cullen was real. Yet, there is writer that uses magical realism in order to give us hope that maybe something magical can be found in the simplest of things and without a lot of fuss.

Sarah Addison Allen is the author of “The Girl Who Chased the Moon”, a novel that weaves magic with reality and with that happy ending we all seek when escaping into a story. (Or at least the romantics like me do). This story takes us to the small town of Mullaby where magic is present yet a part of that town’s identity, which makes both usual and unusual at the same time. As a reader you might be surprised by a wallpaper that changes according to a person’s mood, a man who is considered a giant, or a young man with a fascinating secret that intertwines with a painful past. Yet, you become used to those traits and even accept them as normal at some point.

“The Girl who chased the moon” tells us the story of Emily Benedict, and her journey to discover more of the life her mother Dulcie left behind in Mullaby. Her main obstacle is to connect with a grandfather that seems reluctant to even remember his own daughter. In her journey she meets Julia, who like her, seems to be on a journey, yet who is determined not to make Mullaby the final stop. Both women must decide if love is more important than past hurts, or if it is time to change, just like that wallpaper.

So here you go, a story with just the right amount of love, magic and the power of moving on.



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