“Inferno” (Dan Brown) and “Wedding Night” (Sophie Kinsella)

As I am on my summer break from school, I have more time to sit down and read. Recently, I finished two of the several books on my summer reading list. The first one was Dan Brown’s “Inferno.”

If you are a fan of Brown’s previous books featuring Robert Langdon, then you basically know that Brown likes his plot twists whenever he can. There’s always this quest the main character gets dragged into, while his expertise in art and symbols saves the day. However, as someone who has read “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” I have to say I wasn’t that much impressed with the story. I mean, I knew what to expect. However, like I did in those other two books, I really welcomed the history and art related facts throughout the story. If you want some story to take your mind off your daily routine, with a little bit of suspense, then I recommend “Inferno.” It was okay, the same dynamic like in the other books.

Second, I read during my week in Hawaii, Sophie Kinsella’s “Wedding Night.” I suppose it wasn’t one of my favorites, I believe her previous stories have been more witty. However, I enjoyed reading it while hanging out by the pool. I guess what I liked about this book and her previous ones as well is that her ideas, at least to me, are very original. Even if they seem a bit far-fetched, she always makes them work and her characters make them work. Her two main characters for this one, Fliss and Lottie both are on their way to making decisions that will affect them forever if they don’t take a step back and think them through. I do recommend “Wedding Night”, total chick-lit, but isn’t that the point of summer?


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