An honest cover….

This cover speaks for itself...

This cover speaks for itself…

I think no written article could’ve captured what this cover from the New Yorker did, as the Supreme Court’s decision this past week meant a step forward in providing same rights for homosexual couples. I don’t think people should be looked at differently or categorized as “sick” “freaks” or any other demeaning adjective, because of who they choose to be with. My best friends are gay, and so far they have treated me better than those “normal” people out there who made my life a living hell in high school.

You think we are moving forward, but I have had to sit through lectures where I work that talk about homosexual people as “sick, lost and in need of God’s help to find the right way,” yet you know that when you work at a catholic school that’s pretty much on a daily basis. I think we are all entitled to have our opinions, I just don’t think we should express them with such disdain and disrespect.



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