“Gone Girl.” by Gillian Flynn…..Is she or isn’t she crazy?

As some of you may know I am an avid reader. Whenever I like a book, I try to encourage those around me to give it a try. Recently, (as in this morning) I finished reading Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl”, and I have to congratulate the author for giving me a story that was never what it seemed from the very beginning.

Imagine that it is the day of your fifth anniversary and one of you disappeared and no one knows how or why. The who is pretty clear, or so the author makes us believes as we embark in a journey where thoughts from Nick Dunne, the husband, and Amy Elliott Dune, the wife, take us through a maze of truth and lies that will make us hate one character and cheer for the other.

There are certain books that get a “holy sh….” out of you when the story takes an unexpected turn that has you questioning your ability to tell truth from lies as a reader. This story is one of those. As you know, I am a romance reader, so whenever I venture into another genre, I do so with hesitation for I rarely leave a book without finishing it, even if the story just doesn’t speak to me. I was afraid this would be one of those, because these kind of books rarely have a Harlequin Romance kind of ending. There is only one other writer that I love to read whenever I am in the mood for something darker, a story that messes with your mind and that is Tana French. The characters in her stories, they all have something to hide and you can’t help but cheer and hate them at the same time. My favorite is “The Likeness.” I also like her because all of her stories are set in Dublin or around it.

With “Gone Girl” you have characters that are so complex and so screwed up that you have to wonder if there are real people like that somewhere.

So, if you are in the mood for something obscure and different, this book is for you.



5 thoughts on ““Gone Girl.” by Gillian Flynn…..Is she or isn’t she crazy?

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