TGIJ (Thanks God it’s June!)

There’s a Frank Sinatra song that couldn’t describe more my joy of seeing May end and June start fresh with so many expectations. There’s a line in the song that goes: “You’re riding high in April, shot down in May. But I know I’m gonna change that tune. When I’m back on top, back on top in June.” Which basically sums up what I have gone through since we found out in April we were pregnant, then sadly had a miscarriage in May.

June means a new opportunity to try and get pregnant, it also means the last weeks of school before summer break, and it means new stories to read, and countless more to write (in between final projects, final grades and trying to get pregnant). I am so glad May is past us. Even though I felt I was okay about the whole miscarriage thing, its ghost still lingered whenever there was a belated T.V add celebrating mother’s day, which was why this past month was so hard.

There were also a few surprises, school-wise this month. I had my students write an explanatory essay, telling me how to do something. Now, I asked for original topics. Not your typical “how to bake a cake, a cupcake or make ice cream.” Though I did have a couple of those. And I was happy to see some students really put their creative juices flowing and came up with really interesting essays. One topic really stuck with me and I did laugh while I read, it was full of wit and originality. It was titled “How to live in a family of 8”. Yes, 8! Meaning my student has 5 more brothers or sisters plus her parents. I could clearly picture my student with her big family and everyone’s stares on them, and as she described in her essay, people’s one constant question: “Are they all yours?”

There was another topic that was close to my heart, and that was from a student who gave me a detailed explanation on how to write a love story. Where and when to write, how listening to music is better to picture a scene in your mind. How you can just write parts of the story and then put them together in order, but basically that no matter where you are, you must never let an idea pass you by. It’s amazing how you get to know your students’ dreams when they allow themselves to write what they really want as opposed to something imposed.

Finally, there was another student who wrote “How to write a song.” She really let me into her own creative process since she once told me she likes to write songs in English (Spanish is our first language). She said how you always need to carry a notebook to write down your ideas and that you should have someone you trust who can give you objective feedback about the song you wrote.

So, I do welcome June with a huge smile and lots and lots of hope, with an almost healed heart and a husband and two dogs who make my existence be anything but dull.



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