Looking forward to……..summer reading

The other day I felt like I could actually see the light at the end of the tunnel, when one of the teachers from my school mentioned we had only six weeks left of school! And to think that July 5 looked so faraway when I started classes last August, now it’s actually here!

Summer can only mean one thing for the book lover in me, more hours to read!

I am halfway through my In Death reading marathon. I have started reading “Celebrity in Death” and so far, I’m liking it, though my favorite so far has been “Treachery in Death.” I am also almost done with the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, having started to read “Shadowfever”. I must confess I have had a hard time getting through all of the fever books, as its general plot was not what I expected. There’s this constant teasing from the author, as to whether the two main characters were actually going to stop fighting each other and get together. And I may have been eager to see if they did get together, yet a bit bored when I read through yet another standoff. However, the story has created a very interesting world and I do appreciate the creative angle to the series.

Now, as for my summer reading list, I have many books that I really hope I can cream into my four week vacation period. One of them is Dan Brown’s latest release, “Inferno.” I do like the way Brown writes a story, although his last book had a “really, that’s all?” ending for me, yet I hope this new book keeps me hooked like others have from him. Then, I have two separate series that have been made a movie or about to hit the big screen, and one re-read from another book turned into movie. The first series is Beautiful Creatures by Kami García, which already has the first movie out,  but which I stopped myself from watching because I want to read the book first. The next series is Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments, starting with City of Bones, which will come out this year I think and which I refuse to watch before reading the book as well. Although I am way past the young adult reading range, the marvelous thing about books is that you can read whatever you want! And the re-read I am referring to is Stephanie Meyer’s “The Host.” Many people thought it was a very really bad new release after the Twilight series but since I read the book in like less than a week, I’d say it did its job which was to entertain.

Also in line are Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl” which I bought in Spanish because I must read more in Spanish and which I have heard many people say it is really good. Next is a totally different genre and that is “Wedding Night” by Sophie Kinsella, which will hopefully be my Hawaii book, when I go in July for my second year anniversary. Curiously, last year, when we went to Vegas, I read “I’ve got your number” for our first year anniversary. There’s also NR’s newest original “Whiskey Beach” and then there’s this pile of to-read books in my apartment that I must get to. One of them is Deborah Harkness’s “Shadow of Night.” I recommend her first book “A discovery of witches” if you’re looking for a new twist in human-vampire romance, mixed in with some useful history lessons along the way.

Well, there you go……..Now off to read.




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