Short story 1. Chapter 1.

This is a story I wrote a few months back. It’s pretty amateur work, I know, but if  I can’t post my own stories in my own damned blog, then where? At least until the day when  editorial houses are chasing after one of my stories (see I am both whimsical and a dreamer), my blog will be the space where I can feel like a writer.


Chapter 1.

A year ago…..

“Rory, you look stunning.” Terry, her bridesmaid, gushed over her best friend, as they stood in front of the mirror, while Rory turned from side to side, admiring the fall of the organza on the train of her wedding dress.

The bridal shop, White Dreams, was as busy as ever, being the most sought out after store to get the ideal wedding dress in all of Alexandria, Virginia.

“I know I shouldn’t say this, but yes, I do.” She blushed, locks of chocolate brown hair falling past her shoulders, while caramel eyes stared back, love and happiness shinning from them.

“Owen is going to go crazy when he sees you in that dress.”

At the mention of her fiancé’s name, Rory felt something warm spread inside her belly. Still, it also brought a slight frown of her brows as she continued to study the dress.

“Sweetie, what is it?”

Rory waved a hand in front of her, dismissing her own worries.

“Nothing. It’s just……..he’s been really tense, being promoted to Detective and all. He’s been……………..”

“He’s been what?”

Rory shook her head, locks of chocolate dancing in unison, before stepping off the platform and going to sit next to her maid of honor, and co-worker at G.W. Elementary school.

“I don’t know, he’s been distant. Like he’s hiding something from me.” It hurt to finally say it out loud, but it was the truth. As much as she couldn’t wait to say I do to the love of her life, she also couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong.

“Nonsense! Owen loves you, Ror. If only, I bet he’s going crazy not being able to have hot, crazy sex with you, now that you’re staying at your parents’.”

Rory slapped Terry on the arm but snorted, because she too was going crazy from not making love to him.

“You think?” She finally asked, when they both stopped giggling like schoolgirls.

“I know it. Look, all couples go through this pre-wedding jitters phase. I know you’ve been living together for a year now, but marriage is a whole new deal.”

The bride to be’s shoulders sagged and she stood up again, as the store clerk came in with the veil she’d chosen the first time she’d come with her mother and Terry, to look for the dress.

“You’re right. It’s going to be okay.”

“That’s the spirit. Now could you take that off so we can all admire my bridesmaid dress?”


“Stop fidgeting, puppet.”

“Sorry, dad.”

Justin Higgins, Rory’s dad, and an ex cop, squeezed his daughter’s hand, as they waited in the little room inside the church, as all the guests made their way to their seats before the ceremony began.

“Are you getting cold feet?” He grinned at her, conspiratorially, as if he had a car waiting for her if she said yes. Rory knew it had taken his dad a while to get used to the idea of her and Owen moving in together before marriage. Not to mention that as an ex-cop, her dad knew of the sacrifices and challenges that she would have to face with Owen. However now, the two men played a game of ping pong whenever Owen was in her parents’ place.

Which he hasn’t been in a long time……a nervous voice whispered in her head, but she shushed it. Maybe he hadn’t been at her parents’ place at all, but he’d texted her, and he’d even called her last night to tell her he loved her.

Yet, that’s what had her so eager to just get out there and see him. It would be a miracle if she didn’t run up to him at the altar. He’d sounded…….off, like something was wrong. But he’d only called her silly and told her he loved her so much.



Terry stood in her line of vision, and she blinked twice before putting last night’s call on the back of her mind.


“Oh my God…..” Terry started tearing up but waved frantic hands in front of her eyes and took a steadying breath.

“I’m not going to cry….yet. We can’t ruin our make-ups. Oh sweetie, you are beautiful.” Terry hugged her friend, then went around, fussing with the veil, and picking up the bouquet or purple baby orchids, that they’d chosen with Rory’s mom.

“That’s what I keep telling her.” Her father winked at both women and it was now Rory who had to blink tears away.

“I know that when I get married I want to look like you.”

“Like me? You mean we’re going to have a Bridal Wars moment and you’re going to chose the same dress?” Rory snickered.

“Hell no, I told you, I don’t care if I have to sell a kidney, Vera Wang is going to dress me that day. No, I mean I want to glow like you. I want to be in love and I want someone to love me back, just as Owen loves you.”

“I would think so.” Mr. Higgins harrumphed, as he considered Terry as his daughter, ever since she’d lost her parents in a car crash three years ago.

“Me, too.” Rory agreed with her dad.

Terry hugged Mr. Higgins and did another check on her best friend before announcing it was time.

“Okay, are you ready?”

“Yep. Let’s do this.”

Only before they could walk out the door to the waiting room opened and Kyle, Owen’s partner, walked in wearing his uniform, looking pale and……..sorry.

Rory felt panic grip her by the throat as her first thought was something had happened to Owen.

“Hey.” He cleared his too tight throat and extended his hand to greet Rory’s father.

“Hey captain Higgins.” Though he’d retired everyone who’d known Rory’s father, kept calling him by his former title, Captain Higgins.

“Son. You should take your seat, we’re about to rock and roll.”

Kyle ignored him, and stared directly into Rory’s eyes.

“I’m sorry but Owen’s not coming.”

Rory felt a roar in her ears, and then cold sweat drench her skin, as she tried to assimilate Kyle’s words.

“I’m sorry?”

Her father held her in place as she swayed. He then turned cold cops eyes on Kyle and he asked, making Kyle look at him rather than Rory.

“This isn’t funny, Kyle. Where the hell is Owen?”

Kyle, six feet tall, dark green eyes, sturdy build, and short black hair, cowered under Captain Higgins’s stony stare.

“I’m sorry, Ror. He says……….”

“What?” She croaked, already fading away from the room.

“He says he doesn’t love you anymore.”


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