It’s a 1D/JB world…..

I think I may have mentioned before that I teach middle school girls, seventh grade to be precise. Yes, it is an all-girls school, which makes this earth shattering rivalry whether Justin is a better artist that 1D even more intense.

This week, we celebrated something here in Mexico we call “Día del Niño” which would translate to children’s day. Basically, it’s a day when schools have a series of celebrations for their students, at least up until middle school, though some high schools continue this tradition by calling it, “Students’ day”.

My school was no exception. Both the school’s principal and the physical education teacher, came up with games and contests for all the girls from elementary to middle school. I must confess I was never a competitive nor a very outgoing kid, so these kind of events at my school were always torture for me. Most of my friends did like to enter all the games and contests so either I ended up roaming the school on my own, or trying to blend in and doing some kind of sport thing I was really bad at.

So when the principal began telling us of all the activities planned for that day and how we as teachers would be team leaders and be involved in all the games, I seriously panicked and considered making up some last minute emergency that wouldn’t let me attend that day. Yet, I have developed a pretty decent relationship with my students and I really thought it wouldn’t look good if I wasn’t there. It’s not their fault their teacher is socially awkward, has no coordination whatsoever and was a very boring child.

So I did go, but I did manage to get out off being team leader or be involved in any of the games. Still, I was there cheering on the girls and helping fill water balloons, which at least a couple were thrown in my direction. It is during these types of activities where you also get to know your coworkers a bit more closely. For instance, the reason I was soaked from my head to my toes was because the school’s principal, this woman that any other day looks serious and formal, got me by pointing a garden hose at me and not stopping until I squealed stop and I made a run for it!

They also had the bright idea of using flour so those girls who got wet and then threw flour at each other…….well, let me just say I have a feeling there were many moms who spent countless hours washing and combing off the sticky mixture that formed on their daughters’ heads. At some point, I did go and hide with other teachers in the teachers’ lounge, but then I was like “what the hell!” Obviously, as I stood, teeth chattering, hoping the sun would warm me up, I wished I had stayed put. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice that even though my students are entering their adolescent years, all of them had fun like little kids.

So there you go. I guess any excuse to act like a kid and have fun like one, should be a nice reprieve from our grown up lives and responsibilities.



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