Happenings in a subway….

The other night I was getting ready to call it a night, when I caught a piece of news on the T.V. Apparently, as part of his promotional campaign, Michael Bublé decided to serenade commuters who happened to be on the subway in Manhattan. Imagine that instead of the guy who plays yet one more rendition of “More than words”, you get this man whom I think is not only very talented, but gorgeous! Unfortunately, that has never happened to me. The only close I have come to any celebrity, is one time after a soccer match when we saw a player from the losing team, who was far from amused when we asked him for a photograph.

If I knew things like that happened here in Mexico, which is where I live, I’d certainly brave taking the subway or “metro” as we call it. Here, we have either the guy who claims he could be robbing innocent people but chose to bring in his guitar into the packed car of the train, the guy who has mastered the cd burning technique and offers you a wide selection of music so that you’re party never stops, or those who have taken it upon themselves to sell their own artistic creations. Apparently, those cd mixes are pretty good, or so my sister says. 



2 thoughts on “Happenings in a subway….

  1. I agree that Michael Buble is beautiful, and I’m sorry
    he’s only willing to brave the sunways of Manhattan,
    and not the Metros of Mexico.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that someday he’ll
    make his way to you through fate alone.

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